Behind the greek myths

Behind the greek myths

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How can it be the god of war is a coward? How cruel can the revenge of a cheated goddess become who is looking for a way to let it out? How much evil can a mother who is searching for her lost daughter cause? What secret can hide a famous monster that until she was punished cruelly and unjustly was a girl famous for her beauty? What had made the powerful gods of Olympus leave their palace in fear of their lives?

If you think that the ancient myths belong to the past, you are wrong.

The Greek mythology may be ancient, but it is always up to date and is everywhere around us. You don’t believe me? In the pages of this book there are myths. A collection with more than thirty ancient myths about every important aspect of our life. Before the war, the hate, the revenge, the wealth, the friendship or the death trouble us they had preoccupied the ancient Greeks who wrote down their thoughts in the myths that have survived until today.

After 2.000.000 hours of viewing on YouTube and the biggest company of mythology and archaeology of the Greek web with more than 185.000 subscribers, the book you are holding in your hands promises to convince you that wherever you look you will see the remains of an ancient history and that…there is a myth in everything!

Konstantinos Loukopoulos

Konstantinos Loukopoulos was born in 1994 in Athens and grew up in Nafpaktos. He has finished the Department of History and Archaeology of the School of Philosophy in the University of Athens with post graduate studies on classical archaeology. He has done research on the early ancient Greek sculpture and Greek mythology and religion, and he has participated as a speaker in many scientific conferences. Since 2020 he is the inspirer and creator of the internet project “The Mythologist” that aims to communicate mythology and archaeology to the general public. After only two years his channel on YouTube has more than 125.000 subscribers of all ages, with more than 170 videos on Greek and universal mythology and archaeology. When he is not on the net, he is a speaker on mythology, in Greece and abroad. He is also a consultant for projects involving mythology. In November 2022, KAKTOS Publications released his first book, Για όλα υπάρχει ένας μύθος, followed by a collection of children books called Μύθοι στο Τσεπάκι with episodes from mythology.